14 March – KAKEHASHI PROJECT – Memorial Concert for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

The Unity Bridge Project

~~ Memorial Concert for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami ~~

14th March Doors Open 6pm Start 7pm

Admission free

@Islington Assembly Hall https://goo.gl/pfoHLM

(Upper Street London N1 2UD 5min from Highbury and Islington)

  • ◆Free sake tasting
  • ◆ Free gift: present (from Fukushima)

Produced by Naomi Suzuki (Singer)

  • Joji Hirota Shakuhachi.Taiko Drums &  London Taiko Drummers
  • Diana Yukawa Violin
  • Hibiki Ichikawa Shamisen
  • Children from Fukushima Japan Nihonbuyo

Piano: Kyosuke Tokunaga Bass Hiroyuki Nishikawa, Drum Winston Clifford

” Please come and support us and help us keep up the good work!”
The driving principles of the “Unity Bridge Project” are “remembering those affected” and “gratitude for the support given.” We are building a bridge of friendship between the givers and the receivers and aiming to make a bridge of hearts. We want to send a message to people in the affected areas, “We’ll never forgotten you” ~ Top UK-based Japanese musicians are collaborating to offer traditional Japanese music with modern pop songs.
Children from the disaster area are coming to participate in the concert to show their gratitude. The concert will be streamed live to the rest of the world.

Supported by Japan Embassy, Japan Association in the UK, JCCI, London shakunagekai, Fukshima-minpo sha, Totteokino Ongakusai

Contact: Naomi Suzuki 07796-144-338 naomi@sweet-naomi.com

Funds will be sent to “Children’s Smile Project” http://egaobus.kodomonooka.com/
(a project in which Naomi Suzuki participates, that organizes events to comfort and brighten up the lives of children in the devastated areas)